Below is a sample collection of my miniature creations.


Al Chandronnait basket filled with artisan bread, Phil Grenyer dome with stilton, cheddar, gouda and other cheeses, Avon Olde Roses platter with stuffed crown roast and cranberry jellies topped with piped whipped potatoes, tossed Caesar salad in Philip D. Hartman bowl and raspberry tea cake on Stokesayware dessert plate.



Classic Asian cuisine so likfelike you'll be tempted to pick up your chopsticks- lo mein stirfrys with seared scallops and julienned spring vegetables.



Making banana bread preparation board.


 My Pinterest portfolio.

While I update my site I've moved hundreds of images of my realistic 1:12 food

 art to my Pinterest account.  Explore my art by category and feel free to follow me and repin your favortites!

Enter Crown Jewel Miniatures Pinterest portfolio


My range is vast

I literally make everything from soup to nuts:

Pumpkin soup and candy corn topped petits fours

Amazingly realistic boston lettuce and herb-infused olive oil

Seared scallop stir fry and lo mein noodles

Beef enchiladas with tiny stone ground tortilla chips

Jars of pickled olives or strawberry jam

Fresh eggplant, summer squash and ripe peaches

Country sausage and decadent fruit-topped pancakes

Lattice top pies and walnut-cinnamon rolls

Lemon bread and birthday cakes

Peanut butter & jelly or submarine sandwiches

Ham omelettes and poppy seed bagels

Grilled hotdogs and macaroni salad

Sandwich cookies and blackberry tarts

Bottles of milk and jugs of orange juice

Brandy decanters and bottles of red wine

Corned beef dinners and lime parfaits

Tiny hand-piped meringues and chocolate covered eclairs

Easter hams and boxes of chocolates

Thanksgiving turkeys & dinners with all the trimmings

Christmas cookies and tiny candy canes

The following slideshow represents a very small range of my 1:12 art. 

To see more please explore my Pinterest portfolio via the link above.